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           Welcome to our
Therapeutic Riding Program
Children and Adults of all ages and Disabilities are
welcome. We have ponies and horses that ride and drive.
They are trained especially for this type of riding and

We also offer Pony parties as well for children and Adults
with disabilities...
Prices: Private lesson of $50 per hour or $200 for 5 lessons
Heated Indoor Area is also
available for the children
who have Polymorphic
light eruption and Solar
Uticaria, (allergies or
sensitivity to the sun)
Pictured above is Chase Donald Carpenter
Chase son of Stacey Segar Carpenter owner/trainer  
Chase is an 8 year old boy who was born with
Autism, Polymorphic light eruption/Solar Uticaria,
Asthma, and RSV..
Chase was lucky to be born into the third generation
family of Indian Hollow Stables. And we are so lucky to
have this amazing child in our lives to teach and enrich
us. We truly believe his high function Autism is due to his
enviroment and his love for horses.
***Our Horses and Ponies are Available
for Special Functions and leasing at
therapeutic horse shows as well***
Our Staff is Highly trained in all
areas of disabilities.
Many of our volunteers are Special
Educators in Speech, OT and PT..
Amy was diagnosed with Leukemia
as a young child. Horseback Riding
has improved her balance and
circulation and well being for life.
Amy is now 10 years Cancer free....
Amy and her Mom Karen are very
active in helping other people who
deal with this horrible disease..
  Way to Go Amy!!!
 Go Billy!!
When Billy first came to Indian
Hollow Stables he could hardly
sit up in the saddle straight.. Now
Billy can sit up all by himself and
is ready to climb on when he sees
his best buddy "AJ" a halflinger
pony used in our program.
We also offer Therapeutic
Miniature Horses for
Homes,Hospitals, Schools and
other Events