About US and How we Got Started.........
Our Foundation Stallion  
"Milton Creator"
Our Story Starts with a once pro
Stock Car Driver named Donald W.
Segar and a Beauty Pagent Winner the
former Miss New Haven/Miss
Connecticut "Wilda Laverne Ledger"
Both Gave up there Careers got
Married, Started a Business and a
Indian Hollow Stables was founded in the early 1950's by Charles Segar SR. and
his son Donald Segar.
Charlie and Don were well known horse dealers. They bought-sold and trained
horses all over the country.

After the passing of Charlie in 1972, Don took over the horse business that they
had started together.
Don started a horse breeding business as well as a Tack Shop in which grew to To
the largest in New England!
His first stud was
Milton Creator who then sired Milt's Coco Reed.  These 2 horses
sired and produced many great AQHA foals.

After the passing of these stallions Don started adding more to his program.  But
one would be his pride and glory. His 1993 IBHA World Champion stallion

After battling cancer for 15 long years, Donald W. Segar was laid to rest on April
17, 1999.
His legacy as well as his fathers now belongs to his daughter "
Stacey S. Carpenter"

Stacey has grown up with the horse business in her blood. She, like her father and
grandfather, has had the hands on knowledge ,experience and gift they had.  
Stacey has won several National and World titles showing many different breeds of
horses. Including Appaloosas, Paints,Pintos,Quarter horses, and miniature

When she is not Training and Showing she enjoys teaching and working with
special needs students which include her own son "Chase"... Who is 8 years old
and Has Autism and Solar Uticaria/Polymorphic Light Eruption... Which is an
allergy to the sun. In 2006 she built an indoor arena with no windows and heat and
an indoor playroom. Now a Pony Party Facility as well!!

Don's Pride and Joy
1993 IBHA World
Champion            "Wayward
Don and his friend the late
Ben Johnson an Actor
Don's Favorite pet "Silver" the
Brahma Bull which he raised from
three months old.
"Hes Awesome Cash" with
Chase Donald Carpenter Aboard. Morgan Deske(Stacey's Niece)  Cody Daniel

The Tradition Continues..........And For Generations To Come..........................................

                                             "Chase Donald Carpenter"
Don and his right hand man "Al Phillips"
Don and his Beloved Team of Belgians
"Danny And Mitch"
At the Historical Waldo House in
Milton Creator
Milt's Coco Reed